Other services

Your Personal Planner offers bespoke support in helping you to organise your seminar.
Rest assured that your event will be in professional hands!

This capable facilitator can involve other teams and so bring together different types of expertise.
All these services in one place will provide security comfort and  save you time, thereby helping ensure the success of your event.

Production of graphics

Take advantage of the expertise of our graphic designers. Depending on your brief, they can design and lay out any type of document.

Keep a record of your stay at the Campus. Plan a niche in your schedule for a group photo. Everyone leaves with a picture.


As part of a seminar, a training or a meeting, you can enjoy reprography services. On the spot, the team will print badges, posters, brochure documents, photos, etc ... that you receive on the day of your event.


The audiovisual team offers technical support throughout your event, regardless of the room.
Our staff can optimise your presentations and audiovisual displays in the auditoriums.

Pre-wired translation booths are available when needed.

The business centre

A business centre is available 24 hours a day in which a copier, computers and a printer are freely accessible.

Covid-19 Information

Due to the lockdown, the Campus, included the Park, is closed.
the team remains mobilized to meet your needs and support you in the organization of your events.

Until then, take good care of yourself and your loved ones...❤

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