The eco-friendly strategy of the Campus

Attentive to its environmental impact, the Campus respects the environment in which it is set.

The Campus demonstrates eco-responsibility in many areas and on a daily basis.

Campus BNP Paribas - Eco-responsable

Initiatives in the Park

Thanks to the commitment of our grounds staff, our green spaces are maintained in a sustainable way:

  • Rainwater is collected and used for watering the football field.
  • Tree stumps are intentionally left in the ground, thereby providing shelter for insects and small animals in the Park.
  • The Garden in Motion concept is practised, and flowering meadows are developed to promote biodiversity.

Catering initiatives

Our chefs favour recipes based on seasonal fruits and vegetables and source their ingredients, as much as possible, from local suppliers.

Overripe or damaged fruit from the fresh fruit baskets offered in the restaurant are processed in-house and made into jams to be served at breakfast.

Vegetable waste is composted and then used as fertiliser for the park's plantations.

The still or sparkling water served in glass bottles during meals is refined on site, thereby significantly reducing plastic consumption.

Other initiatives

The Campus also reduces its ecological impact thanks to:

  • 4000 energy saving bulbs,
  • waste sorting bins,
  • recycling of computer equipment,
  • Imprim'Vert certification of the reprographic service,
  • On-site manufacture of electrolysis maintenance products
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